Making the move from being a teacher to an administrator has been challenging on many levels, but snow days and delays have proven to be a struggle for my kids, I think, more than me. For their whole lives, delays have meant sleeping in and snow days have been filled with snowsuits and sleds on our back hill, followed by hot chocolate for the whole neighborhood during the thawing out. Now, not so much.

Now, they still have to get up as early as on a regular day. They hope and pray that if the snow day is called the night before, a friend will call and offer to “help mom out” by inviting them to play for the day. Their other option is to go to work with me, which WAS fun. For the first day. In the first hour. After that, there’s a lot of asking if they can go here or there in the school, arguing with each other, begging for food, all of which results in a grouchy mom who isn’t getting anything done. Thankfully there are a few friends who rescue them from time to time, and sometimes my principal brings in his kids to play with. Oh, and they both got iPads for Christmas.


There is still some joy surrounding the days…they still wear their pajamas inside out and backwards and flush ice cubes down the toilet. They still yell and dance around when the phone rings or I get the tweet. But I long for the days when we could stay in our jammies together, reading and cuddling. Or we could bundle up and build snowmen. When I would just grade a few things during movie time or nap time and still feel like that made for a productive snow day.

Now, I reschedule IEP meetings and complete teacher evaluations and clean off my desk. Sometimes, I get to those emails I’ve been meaning to delete. And if I get all that done, maybe we have some time to sled.