One of my personal goals this school year was to start blogging again. I say that as if I was a regular blogger previously, which is not the case. I think I’ve written two or three posts prior to today and that was four years ago.  So, I’m trying again.

I’m trying to be a model for the teachers I coach and the students I see in their classes. I’m trying to be a better writer.

I’m trying to take on new challenges and to put myself “out there.”

And I’m trying not to be afraid to do all these things.

So here I am, trying again.

Blogging my little slice of life every day in March. Figuring out when and how to fit this into my crazy days, what to write, how to find the link to post it where I want.

And having confidence that I have something worthwhile to say.  Thank you in advance to all the “slicers” that might read and comment. There is so much power in that feeling when someone validates your thinking, especially when you are nervous to share it.

Cheers to a month of writing and sharing. And toTrying Again.